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Sunset Barquis was founded on the idea that every dog needs exercise and socialization to become their best self! We like to say that daycare is not just about getting the energy out, it's about making furiends and building community too! In addition to our indoor daycare playroom, we take all of our dogs out on walks in the neighborhood during the day. 


Exercise: It’s well known and documented that pent up energy can transform into bad behavior. Most dog owner knows the healthiest exercise their dog can engage in is with other other dogs through play. That’s why we emphasize healthy interaction in a cage-free environment. Our dogs have the freedom to run, wrestle and play with their pals all day resulting in a tired pack!


Socialize: We feel it important to provide dogs with exposure to different stimuli and opportunities to socialize with one another. Dogs of all ages and sizes have an opportunity to mix and mingle at Sunset Barquis. Most dogs love to play, socialize and explore with other dogs. Our goal is to promote a safe and clean space for those activities!


Behavior: From our experience, a regularly exercised dog that is provided extensive opportunities to socialize with human and canine alike are more easily trained, better behaved, and happier! 


Social Media: Sunset Barquis posts daily photos and videos of the dogs socializing on our Instagram and Facebook page. If you don't see your pup featured in a photo, be sure to check out our Instagram story for even more silly, goofy, cuddly, snuggly, crazy fun! 

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