About Us

Long story, sorta kinda short...


Sunset Barquis was started in 2017 (maybe earlier even - the history books aren't clear on this date) originally as "Barkingham Palace". Shortly thereafter, a brief change in ownership renamed it to The Sunset Barquis (a play on the famous Rock n' Roll themed hotel, The Sunset Marquis). Originally, it served as a small dog only daycare/boarding business in West Hollywood/LA where the owner left it to be managed by a couple who were an aspiring actor/comedian and artist. In short order, they took the business over as new owners and they worked hard to develop and grow the business. After a couple of years of chasing their dreams whilst trying to run a small business, they decided they needed to give their original passions priority and began seeking parties interested in taking over the reigns of Sunset Barquis.


As fate would have it, in the summer of 2019, a successful dog-preneur from Boston, who had dreamed of a life amidst palm trees and away from harsh New England winters would find the ad posted for the Sunset Barquis. After a brief phone convo and subsequent sudden 24-hour trip on July 4th weekend (which will always be recalled by a couple of unmistakable earthquakes), all parties agreed to terms to carry the Sunset Barquis into the future. The change of ownership of the Sunset Barquis was set in motion...


In October, Sunset Barquis joined the Boston-based Big Dog Walkin’ family. Sunset Barquis has evolved to include large and medium-sized dogs and has grown in popularity amongst both original and new clients alike. It is our goal to become the most beloved local dog daycare providing the most trusted care for our clients so that they can continue to be the Rockstars they are!


We are a community oriented and conscientious business that believes our dogs' lives are integral to the health and wellbeing of the neighborhood. All team members at Sunset Barquis are trained and experienced dog handlers/owners who strive to treat your pup like their own. We are dog people who love what we do and can’t wait to meet you! At Sunset Barquis, we hope you will come join our band of amazing dogs who rock!


Our Facility

Sunset Barquis has the largest square footage devoted to dogs in the area! With over 2,200 square feet our playroom has everything your dog needs to play, relax, and go home tired! It is complete with play and lay structures, as well as beds and blankets for the comfort of the pups that need a break. We also have a separate VIP lounge that is setup like a giant living room for those pups that are more accustomed to a cozy home setting. We pride ourselves on keeping a clean facility that smells good when you walk in! Cleaning and sanitizing daily to discourage the spread of disease, bacteria and other irritants is our obsession. We always provide let outs and walks for our pups so they will always be comfortable at their home away from home!