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Our wicked awesome story:

Long story that we will make kinda short...

Chapter 1: Sunset Barquis was started around 2017 (maybe earlier even - the history books aren't clear) originally as "Barkingham Palace". Shortly thereafter, a brief change in ownership renamed it to The Sunset Barquis (a play on the famous Rock n' Roll themed hotel on the Sunset Strip, The Sunset Marquis). Originally, it was marketed as a "small dog only" daycare/boarding business in West Hollywood. The owner eventually transferred it to his managers (an aspiring actor/comedian and an artist). After a couple of years of chasing their dreams whilst trying to run a small business, they decided they needed to give their original passions priority and put the business up for sale.


Chapter 2: Shortly after the business was posted for sale in June of 2019, an enthusiastic dog-preneur from Boston named Ian Kelly (who had dreamed of life in LA away from harsh New England winters) discovered it. After a couple of phone conversations, a one way ticket was booked to LA to check out Sunset Barquis. After a meeting on July 4th weekend (which will always be remembered by a couple of small but noticeable earthquakes), everyone present agreed on a direction to carry Sunset Barquis into the future. The change of ownership of the Sunset Barquis was set in motion...


In October 2019, Sunset Barquis joined the Boston-based Big Dog Walkin’ family. Sunset Barquis has evolved from the once "small dog only" daycare by including dogs of all sizes and offering new services to its community.


Chapter 3: In March 2020 (less than 6 months after being managed by new ownership), Sunset Barquis was rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic. Trying desperately to keep its doors open to its customers, Sunset Barquis fell on tough times as it had to lay off all but one of its staff, reassess its offerings and hours for customers, and try to hold it all together in an unpredictable business climate and world! Although it had been an established business for some years prior to the pandemic, Ian and his team soon realized they were going to have to start from scratch again as the world emerged slowly from lockdown. Fast forward a couple of more years and we have grown in popularity amongst both original and new clients alike. It is our goal to be the most loved dog daycare by providing the highest quality of care for our clients and harnessing our enthusiasm for what we do!


We are a community oriented business that believes our dogs' lives are integral to the health and wellbeing of our own lives and that of the wider community we serve. Every team member at Sunset Barquis is a trained and experienced dog handler or owner who strives to treat your pup like their own. We are dog people who love what we do and can’t wait to show you what it means to join us! At Sunset Barquis, we hope you will come join our wicked awesome pack of amazing dogs who rock!


Our Facility

Sunset Barquis has the largest square footage devoted to dogs in the area! With over 2,200 sq ft, our facility has spaces to play, relax, or sleep the day/night away! We have our main playroom where the dogs spend most of their daycare day, a separate VIP lounge (that replicates a living room) for those that need a more curated experience AND a separate overnight bedroom for our overnight boarding pups (who prefer to sleep with our overnight attendants). We are fastidious in keeping a clean facility that smells good when you walk in! Cleaning and sanitizing is provided daily to discourage the spread of disease, bacteria and other irritants. Come on by and check it out today!

Our Team
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